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Warehousing Services

Om Sai Packers and Movers have their own space for storage to provide warehousing services, clients can store their household goods for the desired time period. Our warehousing services are safe for any weather 24*7 and we do pest control on time to ensure the further safety of your goods stored in the warehouse. We as Packers and Movers provide safe and secure warehousing services to our customers.
We have safe and secure warehouses for the storage of your precious goods and items. We offer control check facility for goods at the entry level. We offer safe and insured warehousing space for your precious goods. Our warehousing service includes: –

  • secure and safe storage for your goods with 24*7 security.
  • check entry and exit of goods with proper attention.
  • Provide moisture free and insect free warehousing space for goods.
  • Security is our main concern.
  • Provide excellent quality warehousing services.
  • Work done by the expert and trained professionals.
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